Dismissing staff of international mergers and acquisitions frequently sounded the alarm in China – layoffs, personnel, manufacturing – HC Network Appl

5 4, “Big Blue” IBM has announced a global Layoffs From 10,000 to 1.3 million restructuring plan. Followed, UT Starcom, Ericsson, Kyocera, Olympus have in the 6, 7, 10, announced the layoffs, which shock the world one which will affect the industry giant is cutting costs through layoffs and phase transition or to give up some old business.

Industry that, when the world’s top electronics companies have to change the traditional manufacturing thinking, China’s electronics companies are still immersed in the “world factory” where unable to extricate themselves when conducting international mergers and acquisitions, the docking is still the traditional manufacturing industries.

Dismissing staff was underway Following year the United States Oracle, Siemens, Pioneer massive layoffs in Japan, after another round of layoffs coming climax.

The face of poor first quarter operating results, IBM5 4 month announced a lay off 10,000 to 1.3 million restructuring plan. According to IBM’s plans, layoffs from the second quarter, Germany, Britain, Italy and France will bear the brunt of the business sector, and consulting departments of the Government expects most of the layoffs will take up places. IBM said the company plans to abolish some of these countries, middle management and replace it with formation of a number of multinational management team, hopes to improve the management of a more flat areas in Europe and other operational efficiencies, and enhance direct contact with customers.

Enjoy the “Little Smart King,” said UT Starcom 6, confirmed that 1,400 workers laid off in the world. This opens the UT Starcom largest one ever layoffs at the same time, the company decided to expand the field of supply chain and IT outsourcing services in order to achieve reduction of 40 million U.S. dollars per quarter, operating expenses of the target.

Telecommunications giant Ericsson said on the 7th, due to unfavorable sales in the next 6-9 months, they plan to close down the San Diego area in the United States

CDMA Headquarters. Ericsson spokesman said the department currently employs almost 300 people there, but its implementation will lead to the dismissal of up to 250 employees, and the rest of those who will be assigned to Ericsson’s other departments. Ericsson said the CDMA mobile system business unit to streamline the agency’s program is designed to further improve operational efficiency.

Ericsson announced layoffs in the same day, the Japanese electronics components and Mobile Manufacturer Kyocera has also announced that the CDMA in North America, will mobile phone manufacturing outsourcing, and in its mobile phone unit, cut 1,700 employees, in order to reverse the cell phone sector losses.

Japanese camera maker Olympus company also released news on the 10th, as carried out to restore profitability as part of a restructuring plan, Olympus cameras will be reduced by a loss of 4000 jobs, equivalent to the 30% of the total number of department employees. Olympus side said the job cuts will mainly focus on the activities of the two cameras at the China plant.

Olympus on May 9 announced its first loss of its annual report, said it was mainly by

Digital Cameras Fierce price competition. Olympus plans to lay off by the end of September to complete the task, when its total number of imaging department staff was reduced from the current 14,000 to 10,000 people.

Facing the pains of the global electronics industry Although various companies have different reasons for layoffs, but almost all of the indications are that: the old mode of production under the traditional manufacturing industry is gradually declining. To UT Starcom example, UT Starcom top of the layoffs explained that “has made the original UT Starcom successful strategy to promote the company’s future is no longer the same high growth, companies face enormous challenges at this stage Therefore, the structure must be reorganized. ”

A few days before the announcement of layoffs, UT Starcom recently announced 2005 first-quarter results, in the first quarter, net sales rose 44.9% while net profit fell 30% year on year, only 38 million U.S. dollars. This result allowed the sustained fall in stock prices, a drop of up to 30%, setting a historical low of 7.24 U.S. dollars. UT Starcom will be blamed poor earnings performance of China’s PHS market downturn. UT Starcom executives said PHS products have matured, and began to far more than the company expected the speed of recession. But apart from PHS in addition, UT Starcom almost do not have a strong competitive industries.

IBM’s downsizing moves are not entirely without symptoms. Since the 14 reported disappointing first-quarter earnings report, the computer giant has already hinted of layoffs. The first quarter of this year, IBM in France, Germany, Italy and Japan, sales fell by 5%. As sales of the four countries account for about IBM’s total global income 1 / 4, so the company’s overall first-quarter profits were obviously affected, and this is IBM decided to lay off the main set in Europe, an important reason.

Clearly, the global electronics manufacturing industry is facing a turning pain. Pattern from the view of the global electronics industry, that of traditional electronics manufacturing is gradually transition to or from the economically developed regions, including China, the economic sub-developed areas. However, this transformation will need to pay or transfer, such as layoffs, declining corporate profitability, cost of temporary, or even the danger of this slide into bankruptcy.

However, despite all the difficulties, industry is turning to face the global electronics industry, and this is for IBM has brought many would rather give up the glory of the PC business to endure the pressure of the reasons many new industries to the electronics manufacturing industry does business opportunities.

In China should be alert At present, most enterprises are still immersed in the “world factory” in unable to extricate themselves. Even a banner called the TCL International conducting international mergers and acquisitions when the docking is still the others abandoned the traditional manufacturing industry, not to lead the TCL truly internationalized new profit source.

In fact, eight from the 20th century, the beginning nineties, due to the promotion of information technology, international manufacturing industry has undergone major changes. The change embodied in the virtual manufacturing entity manufacturing began to shift, from the purely manufacturing to final assembly manufacturing network transformation, local manufacturers shift manufacturing to the transformation from purely manufacturing to manufacturing service transformation.

It is in this situation, the “China” is behind the prosperity of the enormous crisis. Since the end of 2003, China’s manufacturing enterprises are facing shortage of resources, manpower costs and environmental aspects of many problems.

Although China has attracted worldwide attention as a great power of industrial production, but the lack of technology

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Wu Ying curtain call UT Starcom capital force the victims – Wu Ying, UT Starcom, PHS – HC network appliance industry

Or company president yesterday, but is now a stranger. Wu Ying beard situation in the UT Starcom, people experience a peak to the trough from the life, the transition can be done as long as blinked.
In IT industries, Wu Ying’s resume is the most colorful. He had been a university teacher, to study with only 30 U.S. dollars, during the period had been a porter, washed bowl … … but the experience did not prevent him from becoming a high-tech company CEO. UT Starcom he founded has been to Wall Street excited. But things are unpredictable, the company experienced a downturn PHS, 3G investment in missteps, the once glorious UT Starcom reached the brink.
A fast-growing high-tech enterprise why the decline so rapidly? Wu Ying such as digital instant hero class of the End of the road will become?
No sound, and a large beard Wu Ying UT Starcom will be completely isolated to one side.
2007 6 1 , UT Starcom announced, its executive vice president and CEO Wu Ying to leave China. At this point, Mr. Wu will be retained only in the UT Starcom Director. Reasons for leaving, UT Starcom CEO Hong Lu only “Wu Ying strategy for enhancing shareholder value, has a significantly different view” as an explanation.
Fact, familiar with the UT Starcom know that Mr. Wu and Hong Lu is UT Starcom with entrepreneurs, is the Wu Ying’s UTStarcom Inc. and Hong Lu’s Unitech merger have today UT Starcom. In the company, the two had a pair of good partner, Mr. Wu is responsible for business and operations, Hong Lu is responsible for capital and financial, but got into trouble, the two began to have conflicts.
Now, a paper notice to the company in a more clear: Wu’s departure, UT Starcom, president and CEO Hong Lu temporarily act as president of UT Starcom China.
This result to Mr. Wu never expected to pay all of their efforts for the UT Starcom has been that such a fate. To this end, a person in his statement said: “I made the board very much regret this decision. I have not seriously discussed by the board next strategy the company has asked me to leave before the rush to understand that.”
UT Starcom from the founder, to the successful promotion of UT Starcom listed on Nasdaq, after the main charge of UT business in China, Wu Ying big hand to UT Starcom, and thus he is seen as UT Starcom’s spiritual leader, what kind of reasons why Mr. Wu’s departure?
27 dollar stimulus Who would have thought, Wu Ying in the success of UT Starcom, hidden behind one by one, had to look askance at the suffering of the people.
1985, the Mr. Wu to the United States study. Talking about the motivation of this study, one of the reasons is his girlfriend in the U.S..
“Before going abroad, I was in Beijing University as a teacher, engaged in computer research and development, life was very comfortable. I often come into contact with research and development at some of the most advanced technical information, further studies will be inspired to go abroad idea. Another strong motivation to go abroad, is that time my girlfriend had come to America to study, I certainly want to pursue in the past. “Here, Mr. Wu smiled.
The plane, the Wu Ying, with only 29 dollars. On the plane, his body would have with 30 million, but the domestic flight was not free beer, had spent one U.S. dollar buy alcohol. I never thought that the airport, there is an American girl came to fund-raising, but also takes up two U.S. dollars. Results of Wu Ying reached New Jersey, who left 27 U.S. dollars. After he spent 60 cents and his girlfriend in the Chinese consulate handled marriage registration.
Wedding is not over yet, Mr. Wu began to work outside the home, suffering from the most tired of porter, to the restaurant dishwasher.
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Sandy, UT Kickboxing Classes!

Kickboxing in Sandy, UT, an entire body workout that will drive you to your ideal body image, is currently the country’s most popular fitness program. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up your body, relieve stress, or simply just have fun, A Sandy Kickboxing Class is a perfect solution in allowing you to achieve all four of those qualities. Kick boxing in Sandy, UT allows for women to strengthen, tone and reduce fat all at the same time. Since Sandy Kickboxing is a total-body workout, women will find themselves increasing their flexibility all while improving their balance and coordination.
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Do Trademarks Always Trump Domain Names? Not always.

Online start-ups are faced with the daunting task of selecting a domain name that will withstand legal challenges.
There’s a general belief among online start-ups that a trademark owner will always trump a domain name registrant with the same or confusingly similar domain name. That’s not always the result… as two recent 2010 UDRP decisions point out.
What is the UDRP, and why is it important?
The UDRP acronym stands for the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. The UDRP is a set of procedures and rules that are supposed to help determine who should prevail in a dispute over domain name ownership.
The UDRP is important because it provides a faster and cheaper way to resolve a domain name dispute than a full-blown lawsuit in a court of law. Instead of litigation, it’s an administrative proceeding where the contestants present written arguments to a panelist-arbitrator who issues a binding decision. In-person hearings (including hearings by teleconference, videoconference, and web conference) are permitted only in exceptional cases, and are therefore rare.
The UDRP has not been without its critics. Most of the criticism centers on the fact that the UDRP was established to benefit trademark owners in taking non-trademark owners to task in domain name disputes. And UDRP critics often point out the fact the UDRP decisions seem to come out overwhelmingly in favor of trademark owners.
There are three requirements for a trademark owner-complainant to prevail over a domain name-respondent in a UDRP proceeding:
1 – the domain name registered by the respondent is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the complainant has rights;
2 – the respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name; and
3 – the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith by the respondent.
The Arizona State Trailer Sales Case
This case involved requirement no. 1 above.
The complainant, Arizona State Trailer Sales, argued that the respondent’s littledealerrv.com domain name was confusingly similar to the complainant’s registered mark, LITTLE DEALER LITTLE PRICES and the complainant’s common law marks, LITTLE DEALER LITTLE PRICES RV and LITTLE DEALER .
The respondent argued that it should prevail because its registration of its littledealerrv.com domain name occurred prior to the complainant’s registration of its trademark.
The respondent won. The UDRP panelist noted that a complainant has to show that the respondent’s domain name is identical or confusingly similar to complainant’s mark. “This provision necessarily implies that Complainant’s rights must predate the registration of Registrant’s domain name”, the panelist concluded.
The take-away – the respondent won because it registered its domain name before the complainant registered its trademark.
The University of Texas Case
The University of Texas at Austin (UT) case involved requirement no. 3 above.
UT showed that it owned the texassports.com domain name, as well as the following registered trademarks: TEXAS, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, TEXAS LONGHORNS, and LONGHORNS. UT also showed that its TEXAS mark is registered for “Entertainment services, namely, providing college athletic and sporting events.”
UT argued among other things that the use of respondent’s texassports.org domain was in bad faith because it was used as a “parking” website for information related to University of Texas sports and sporting events.
The respondent won. The panel found that UT did not prove “bad faith”. The panel reasoned that because the term “Texas Sports” is geographically descriptive, the respondent was free to register its domain name using the term on a “first-come, first-served basis”.
The panel also found that UT did not have a registration for the term “Texas Sports”, and therefore there was no likelihood of consumer confusion.
Selecting a domain name that will withstand legal challenges is a strategic undertaking for any online start-up.
The important lesson is that although the UDRP may help in deciding in favor of a respondent in a domain name dispute with a trademark owner, the recommended approach is to avoid the dispute altogether by undertaking a thorough search of pre-existing trademarks before selecting a domain name.
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Franklin University Enters Into Two New International Partnerships

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) February 12, 2010 — Franklin University is proud to announce it has signed two new agreements overseas, expanding the University’s role as a global institution of higher learning (http://www.franklin.edu/franklin-global/?utm_source=prweb&utm_medium=press-release&utm_campaign=ut-partnership-release).
In visits to the Ukraine and Turkey last week, Franklin University President Dr. David Decker and Klaus Haberich, Senior Vice President for Planning and Global Programs, met with representatives of the National Mining University (NMU) in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine and Okan University in Istanbul, Turkey to sign cooperation agreements with both institutions.
Under the agreement with NMU, the Franklin MBA program will be offered to students in the Ukraine in classes held on NMU’s campus in Dnipropetrovsk with the participation of Franklin faculty members.
The agreement with Okan University will allow Okan’s undergraduate students to transfer to Franklin University after three years at Okan to take their final year of coursework in Columbus, Ohio. This program enables Okan students to earn a bachelor’s degree from Franklin University.
“The signing of these agreements allows Franklin University, an institution known for its expertise in providing access to career-relevant education, to strengthen its position as an exporter of high-value-added educational services, which benefits both the Ohio and the national economy,” said Haberich.
Founded in 1899, the National Mining University is one of the foremost state universities in the Ukraine. NMU is located in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk, a major center of metallurgical and aerospace production. As a premier provider of advanced technical training, NMU wants to supplement its programs by offering management education to business and government. The Franklin MBA program will be a cornerstone of this development. Further information about the National Mining University can be found at www.nmu.org.ua.
Okan University is one of the youngest and most dynamic private universities of Turkey. Established by the Okan Foundation, it began offering programs in 2003/04 and is growing very rapidly. True to its motto, “The University Closest to Business Life,” Okan University follows a practice-oriented approach very similar to Franklin University’s. Okan’s campus consists of newly built facilities located on the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and the European Culture Capital of 2010. Further information about Okan University can be found at www.okan.edu.tr.
“Many foreign colleges are interested in partnerships such as these to utilize our expertise in business programs and to supplement their own programs with an English-language MBA,” Haberich said. “Most of these institutions find that collaborating with Franklin is more effective than launching programs on their own.”
Today’s announcement marks Franklin University’s seventh and eighth international partnership, respectively. The University currently participates in agreements with the Wroclaw School of Banking in Poland, the University St. Kliment Ohridski-Bitola in Macedonia, the University of Economics of Bratislava in Slovakia, Mangalore University in India, Sichuan University in China, and Vietnam National University in Vietnam.
About Franklin University

Award-Winning American Woman Artist, Bonnie Conrad, Exhibits at Impressions Fine Art Studio During Gallery Walk in St. George, Utah

St. George, UT & Woodland Hills, UT (Vocus) December 3, 2009 — Nationally known local artist Bonnie Conrad of Windance Fine Art, today announced, her upcoming Art Reception (www.bonnieconrad.com) at Impressions Fine Art, during the Gallery Walk December 11th -26th at 189 North Main Street, St. George, Utah.
A graduate of Brigham Young University, now a resident of Woodland Hills, UT, Conrad’s oil painting is distinct in its passion for color, its celebration of light and its somewhat impressionistic approach. Bonnie is the recipient of several prestigious art awards and has been invited to join several organizations including American Women Artists.
According to Bonnie Conrad, mother of six and grandmother to several, her work is motivated by color — the fascinating play between complements, the mysterious subtleties of gray tones and the endless possibilities for mood. Conrad is deeply concerned that her work should always lift the human spirit. Her summary is:
“I want the art enthusiast to hear the drumbeat and feel the excitement radiating from a dancing Indian child; to re-live a tender moment between a mother and her offspring or to taste the dust and feel the sun on their face as they view a western ranch scene,” said Conrad. “I want the world to be a finer, lighter, brighter place for my having painted here.”
For more information or to view her online collection, please visit www.bonnieconrad.com or for media information please contact Kim Power Stilson, 801-615-0035.

Aspen Dermatology Builds Client Communication with Training by Web Campus World Wide

WWW & Spanish Fork, UT, USA (Vocus) — Aspen Dermatology and its Doctors – Dr. Warren Peterson, Dr. Michael P. Eyre, and Dr. Chad R. Peterson interested in extending their client service communications to their global customers online, today announced, their decision to have their medical office Practice Manager Michael Moore, take the 21st Century eMedia eMPowerment training series offered on Web Campus World Wide (http://www.WcWW.com), to increase their ability to reach patients and their families online, as well as save on costs associated with the high costs of traditional advertising.
Aspen Dermatology (http://www.myaspenderm.com) currently services all hair, skin, and nail needs, with a specialization in a skin cancer surgery called MOHS micrographic surgery. Aspen Dermatology is also pleased to offer the services of two licensed Aestheticians to perform medical spa services such as: facials, micro-dermabrasions, Laser hair removal, as well as body waxing and chemical peels.
According to Michael Moore, each of the doctors have an active interest in keeping their patients updated and informed and agree that the Internet and Web offer opportunities for both local and global patients to communicate with their office. Finding an online solution to keep their office communicating and connecting to patients and potential patients online came when Michael Moore found out about a newly-released eMedia training program for small business owners who want to learn to market, sell, connect and compete online.
“As a dermatology office we wanted to reach into the 21st Century to extend our progressive patient care through online communication,” said Michael Moore. “With all the advances in modern medicine we keep up with, we realize we also need to keep abreast of the way our clients communicate especially as eMedia has rapidly grown to be a big part of everyone’s lives.”
Michael signed up for the course and its eMedia eMPowerment Steps and will learn to reach the Dr.’s local and national patients through social and eMedia. And, he adds, that if dermatologists think their patients aren’t online they are wrong! People get online to find all kinds of options including good skin care solutions. To be competitive all medical offices need to provide online resources and communications.
“Through applying eMedia uses online we can give a better service to our patients online,” said Michael Moore. “Instead of hiring a high-priced consultant we save costs for the office and our clients by learning how to engage in 21st Century online communications ourselves.”
The eMPowerment training available through online coursework and live classes at Web Campus World Wide teaches small business owners and their staffs to market, sell, connect, and compete online. Each step of the eMPowerment Series gives foundational marketing strategy, tools, and online communications education that teaches business owners what they need to be successful in the 21st Century.
Dermatologist offices and medical practices can avail themselves of this training series for a discount through the following code “AspenEMedia” to be used at WcWW.com. Prices start at $240 per Step and are discounted as much as 35% when they are purchased together.
About Aspen Dermatology:
Aspen Dermatology currently offers three board certified dermatologists in their office. We service all hair, skin, and nail needs, with a specialization in a skin cancer surgery called MOHS micrographic surgery. Our main office is in Spanish Fork, Utah; however, we have satellite locations in Heber, UT, Ephraim, UT, Nephi, UT, and Gunnison, UT. Recently, we have brought on 2 licensed Aestheticians to perform medical spa services such as: facials, micro-dermabrasions, Laser hair removal, as well as body waxing and chemical peels. These aestheticians have received additional training from the dermatologists as well to improve and add to their skills. They also sell skin care products and mineral make-up.
Aspen Dermatology is your connection to looking and feeling your best. Whether you need a check up for skin cancers, lesions, and/or mole changes, desire a younger, fresher look, it is at Aspen Dermatology where you’ll find optimal treatment for your overall skin care needs. Our Physicians and staff have the proficiency, knowledge, and dedication to provide innovative care to you and your experience with us. Contact us today to set up an appointment please visit www.myaspenderm.com.
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Take the 5 eMPowerment Steps to learn what you need to know about promoting your company 21st Century Style! 21st Century Style means you can do your business marketing, advertising, promotions and selling online for less money and with less effort. 21st Century Style means you can do your business marketing, advertising, promotions and selling online for less money and with less effort for greater sales potential!
• Attract new business with Social and eMedia tools!
• Communicate and connect 24/7 to potential global clients!
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Wasatch County, UT Wins SIRE Client Award

Salt Lake City, UT (Vocus) September 16, 2009 — The 2009 SIRE Client Awards were presented at the annual SIRE user conference in Park City, Utah. The award was created three years ago to honor SIRE clients that have demonstrated excellence in state and local governance by teaming with SIRE.
Kris Painter, President of SIRE Technologies, notes: “We share with our clients the commitment to excellence and improving their existing processes through our technology. We are thrilled to see some of these results and honor the clients who achieved them.”
Wasatch County, UT – “Best Process Standardization” award
Congratulations to Wasatch County, Utah (http://www.co.wasatch.ut.us/SIRE/portal.aspx?sun=wasatch) for implementing a system that streamlines and fully automates the building permit application and approval process, and provides a valuable service to constituents. Wasatch County has fully automated the permits application and approval process, allowing constituents to view and approve items electronically, track real-time status of applications, detect bottlenecks, reduce the reliance on paper, and make the process more efficient and measurable.
“We were able to completely discontinue the paper process”, said Andy Yergensen, Wasatch County IS Department. “The consensus of opinion from both employees and applicants is that the new application is a great success – and a giant leap forward for Wasatch County.” With SIRE (http://siretechnologies.com/dotnetnuke/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx), Wasatch County can now keep applicants informed of their permit status electronically, track applications in real-time, and identify bottlenecks by quantifying the amount of time each step requires.
Unlike most technology projects, Wasatch County experienced an exceptionally fast user adoption -, internal users were ready to abandon their paper process for this new and automated process almost immediately! Additionally, the County started receiving unsolicited emails complimenting the new application process.
“We have been able to build a quality solution that addressed a critical need”, said Don Wood, CIO at Wasatch County. “The implementation of this solution has significantly increased the value and reputation of the Information Systems Department to the County and Wasatch County in general to the constituents who have requested a building permit.”

The Inaugural Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference Welcomes 31 Investors

Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 12, 2009 — On Thursday, September 17, Denver will welcome 31 life science investors and business development professionals for the inaugural Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference. This conference will showcase 30 of the region’s top life science companies to interested investors including business development professionals from large pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies.
“We are excited to welcome over 30 of the life science community’s most renowned investors to the inaugural Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference,” said John Collar, President and CEO of the Colorado BioScience Association. “This will allow Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region to offer an inside look into the innovation and talent that lies in this region, and we can’t wait to see the partnerships and connections made during this conference.”
The 31 Investor firms and companies attending to date for the September 17 Conference include:
o Amgen, amgen.com
o Bay City Capital, baycitycapital.com
o Boulder Ventures, boulderventures.com
o Celgene, celgene.com
o Chart Life Sciences
o Clovis Oncology
o Covidien, covidien.com
o Frazier Healthcare Ventures, frazierhealthcare.com
o Genentech, gene.com
o H.I.G. Ventures, higventures.com
o High Country Ventures, coloradofund1.com
o Hunt BioVentures, huntbioventures.com
o Johnson & Johnson, jjdevcorp.com
o Keld, LLC, keldllc.com
o KRG Capital Partners, krgcapital.com
o Lilly Ventures, lillyventures.com
o Mesa Verde Venture Partners, mesaverdevp.com
o Morgenthaler Ventures, morgenthaler.com
o NovaQuest
o Novartis Venture Fund, venturefund.novartis.com
o Prairiegold Ventures, pgvp.com
o Puente Partners
o Red Script, jjdevcorp.com
o Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association, rockymountainvca.com
o Sequel Ventures, sequelvc.com
o Skyline Ventures, skylineventures.com
o Sun Mountain Capital, sunmountaincapital.com
o Technology Partners, technologypartners.com
o Telegraph Hill Partners, thpartners.net
o vSpring Capital, vspring.com
o Yasuda Enterprise Development, yedvc.co.jp
The organizers for the RMLIC have previously chosen 30 companies to provide 20 minute presentations on their innovation and business plan in order to garner interest amongst the attending investors. Companies and life science entrepreneurs within the region that are not presenting during the conference also have the opportunity to attend the event and schedule private partnering time with investors.
The presenting companies include:
Allogenesis, Denver, CO; Apoplogic, Aurora, CO; Applied Microarrays, Inc., Tempe, AZ; Axial Biotech, Salt Lake City, UT; Beacon Biotechnology, Aurora, CO; BioAmps, Aurora, CO; Biodesix, Broomfield, CO; BiOptix, Boulder, CO; Castle Biosciences, Phoenix, AZ; Coherex, Salt Lake City, UT; GlobeImmune, Louisville, CO; High Throughput Genomics, Tucson, AZ; Inviragen, Fort Collins, CO; Kinetic Muscles, Tempe, AZ; Leap Frogg, Grand Junction, CO; LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals, Bozeman, MT; LineaGen, Salt Lake City, UT; Medipacs, Tucson, AZ; Medivance, Louisville, CO; miRagen, Boulder, CO; Myocept, Lafayette, CO; NanoMR, Albuquerque, NM; Numira Biosciences, Salt Lake City, UT; PharmaJet, Golden, CO; Regenesis, Scottsdale, AZ; SenesTech, Inc., Flagstaff, AZ; Thermimage, Salt Lake City, UT; ValveXchange, Aurora, CO; Vital Access, Salt Lake City, UT; Western States Biopharmaceuticals, Aurora, CO.
“This conference will be an excellent forum for emerging companies to showcase their capabilities and for investors to witness the critical ingredients of Colorado’s successful bioscience community.” J. William Freytag, Ph.D., former President and CEO of Myogen, says.
For registration information, visit the conference website at http://www.rmlic.com.
About Arizona BioIndustry Association
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Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference Announces Final 13 Presenting Companies and Nationally Acclaimed Speakers

Denver, CO (PRWEB) August 27, 2009 — Organizers of the Inaugural Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference (RMLIC) have announced the final 13 of 30 presenting companies that will showcase their innovations to leading investors and industry experts on September 17 at the Ritz Carlton, Denver. The announcement is made by John Collar, President & CEO of the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA), who says the conference itinerary will also feature nationally acclaimed speakers Nobel Laureate Dr. Tom Cech and Roy Davis, President J&J Corporate Development.
“Both the Colorado BioScience Association and the Arizona BioIndustry Association along with our regional partners are simply thrilled to have both Roy Davis and Dr. Cech present during the Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference,” Collar explains. “This will provide an opportunity for attendees to hear from two leaders within the industry and show the excitement around the biosciences that lie within the Rocky Mountain region.”
The final 13 of the 30 presenting companies at the RMLIC include:
* Allogenesis – Denver, CO – Website coming soon
* Applied Microarrays, Inc. – Tempe, AZ – appliedmicroarrays.com
* Axial Biotech – Salt Lake City, UT – axialbiotech.com
* Beacon Biotechnology – Aurora, CO – beaconbiotechnology.com
* Castle Biosciences- Phoenix, AZ – castlebiosciences.com
* Leap Frogg – Grand Junction, CO – Website coming soon
* LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals – Bozeman, MT – ligocyte.com
* Medipacs – Tucson, AZ – medipacs.com
* NanoMR – Albuquerque, NM – nanomr.com
* Numira Biosciences – Salt Lake City, UT – numirabio.com
* PharmaJet – Golden, CO – pharmajet.com
* SenesTech, Inc. – Flagstaff, AZ – senestech.com
* Western States Biopharmaceuticals – Aurora, CO – westernstatesbiopharm.com
Last month, during the first-round of the RMLIC selection process, the following 17 companies were announced: Apoplogic, Aurora, CO; BioAmps, Aurora, CO; Biodesix, Broomfield, CO; BiOptix Diagnostics, Boulder, CO; Coherex, Salt Lake City, UT; GlobeImmune, Louisville, CO; High Throughput Genomics, Tucson, AZ; Inviragen, Fort Collins, CO; Kinetic Muscles, Tempe, AZ; LineaGen, Salt Lake City, UT; Medivance, Louisville, CO; miRagen, Boulder, CO; Myocept, Lafayette, CO; Regenesis, Scottsdale, AZ; ThermImage, Salt Lake City, UT; ValveXchange, Aurora, CO; and Vital Access, Salt Lake City, UT.
More about the inaugural RMLIC
The conference will commence with a breakfast keynote presentation by Roy Davis who will lend his insight behind the world of biosciences and his expectations for the bioscience industry and what lies ahead for Johnson & Johnson. He will also delve into the world of partnerships and the importance of attending conferences and networking to build relationships and collaboration within the industry.
Over the last year, the State of Colorado has been anticipating Dr. Tom Cech’s return to the University of Colorado Boulder and the implementation of the new Colorado Initiative for Molecular Biology (CIMB). Dr. Cech will provide the luncheon keynote presentation during the RMILC and give the audience a preview into his research and what the future holds. The CIMB will be opening its doors in December of 2011, and during Dr. Cech’s presentation he will be able to discuss the collaboration and innovation that will generate from this unique project.
In addition to the two keynote presentations, the RMLIC will showcase two panel discussions during the day. The first panel, will be moderated by Dr. Patrick Mahaffy, President and CEO of Clovis Oncology. The second panel will consist of venture capital leaders from across the nation to provide advice and lessons learned to the participants at the RMLIC.
For registration information, visit the conference website at www.rmlic.com.
About Arizona BioIndustry Association
The Arizona BioIndustry Association is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(6) trade association that seeks to unify, empower and advance its member organizations, allowing them to benefit individually by acting collectively. AZBio strives to enhance the environment that makes Arizona a place where bioscience companies can grow and succeed. AZBio is the state affiliate in Arizona for the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the preeminent trade association for the biotechnology industry in the United States. For more information, visit http://www.azbio.org.
About Colorado BioScience Association
CBSA is a not-for-profit corporation providing services and support for Colorado’s growing biosciences industry. With more than 400 members, the CBSA actively works to promote the growth of the industry by advocating for a better business environment, by promoting programs that grow the state’s bioscience workforce, by fighting for policies that support a strong bioscience industry in the state and by speaking with a single voice on behalf of the companies in the state. For more

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